Becoming Vegan

Becoming Vegan

I know that this is such a controversial discussion but I am only sharing my experience and my perspective on the matter.

At a relatively early age (late twenties) , I started experiencing chronic pains and constant inflammations in addition to skin problems. I have been to several doctors and never received a substantial diagnosis and hence no treatment. My over all health and energy level never started improving until I stopped consuming red meat, poultry, and dairy products.

The two arguments that made me decide to trying vegan-ism…

Despite the fact that animals have been a great source of nourishment but over the last decades the need for mass production of animal products has resulted into using excessive hormones and antibiotics and eventually reside in our human bodies.

The second argument was that the last thing an animal experiences, specially in large slaughter houses, is fear and stress; just like humans, animals bodies produces particular enzymes and hormones that remain in their tissues even after it’s cooked. This is why a human can never experience peace while consuming animal products.